Friday, 23 March 2012

Kenny Kwan back Hong Kong because of his cold disease

Kenny Kwan's horror movies currently filming in Beijing earlier took the advantage of the five day holiday, rushed back to Hong Kong to be reunion with his families. However, Beijing's only 10 degrees below zero in the results of his of cold disease, exactly four days to stay home to rest, not with the family to go out to meet with family and friends, his flat mouth, said: ''Really sick that I despressed that my whole body is full of harmful bacteria,not even nervous to go to my family and relatives and infect human to die.''

This year,Kenny will focus on the development of the Mainland market.Later shot two TV drama in Mainland in a year before returning to Hong Kong.He denied to give up the Hong Kong market, had the chance of course, fall to making his earners.

Credits : On.CC

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