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[Banana Boy]The December Lunar New Year "Banana Boy" premiere public homogeneous show striptease

Yesterday, inspirational youth micro-drama co-produced by the the days entertainment media, banner media "Banana Boy" was held in Beijing grand launch conference,declared that this micro-drama premiere will be December Lunar New Year.Drama producer 陈正道,director 柳广辉携,actor June Ng,Kenny Kwan,Edward Zhang,Edwin Gerard and Caesar Lee,actress 杨洋 and 乔乔.drama episode concert attended five "banana boy" greater play in the field striptease ??High turn the audience. With the launch date draws near, the drama for the first time announced the first episode of behind the ccenes viewers an early look at this wonderful micro-drama.

"Banana Boy" premiere small fresh "American Pie" struck

Banana Boy is from the production of 天娱传媒 and 旗帜传媒,consuming huge amounts of money to build a network large youth inspirational drama.Drama consists of 10 episodes, each episode consists around 15-20 minutes, about five though they have high rich handsome appearance, but the inside is very cock silk juvenile youth ignorant of years, but of love, sexual curiosity and receiving no answer. Blooded, they decided to enter university must find the answers to complete their own rite, from a boy to become a man's metamorphosis !

According to the drama of CLC "Banana Boy",the full performance of the younger generation yearning for love, crazy youth positive life status. But it is worth mentioning although this micro-drama tells the story of youth campus, from the current exposure trailers, the play also has a lot of very large-scale scenes. The drama side said the "Banana Boy" can be called as a small fresh version of "American Pie",the drama also hope to be able to create a youth in the eyes of a young Chinese brand drama.

Large-scale banana boy debut show striptease fresh PK

Previously,"Banana Boy" five actor has been the focus of the fans, especially the drama side played the "banana boy" concept, more trigger fans hot, the formation of the Internet topic. The word "banana boy", the drama once again play refers to those outside high rich handsome image is very different inside and outside the inner cock silk boys, banana suitable to describe them.

During the conference day, the combination of the "banana boy" June Ng,Kenny Kwan,Caesar Lee,Edwin Gerard and Edward Zhang five boys fit appearance,blew the audience.The day five banana boy appearances restore play banana boy character, dressed in a school uniform appearance. But then five plays a game of large-scale, not only beautiful feed bananas plot, more and babes together a big show of strippers, play a drag show, show gentleman, let the audience captivated. In addition to foot gimmick play in the field, five of them for the first time to disclose their own role in the drama. It is reported that five people in the play has its own unique symbol,June Ng who plays "萌" banana boy,顾小春,Kenny Kwan played "handsome" banana boy,Zhang Nan,while Caesar Lee played the "骚" banana boy,柳波 and Edwin Gerard played "beauty" banana boy东子,Edward Zhang played "cool" banana male 宋博.In addition to roles, five more additons gave a lot of "first time" in this micro-drama, in addition to small ?Temple scenes, the drama will play very heavy taste in time to see, can "afford to endure" ?

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Personal Notes : This isn't the full version of the news as I didn't talk about June Ng much as I'm tired translating already,sorry !

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