Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kenny Kwan [Banana Boy] Style all their own capture 杨洋,you support Denise Ho went to the lesbian parade

On November 20, the network drama "Banana Boy" held a premiere news conference,Kenny Kwan shared the secret of him capture 杨洋's heart, while also give his own view about Denise Ho,he support Denise in his heart.

Talk About Chasing Girl : Directly to Get the Magic Tools

During the conference day, the host had a game test for the five actor about chasing girls skills : 杨洋 and 乔乔  as a representative of the temperament and sexy beauty,they hide behind the baffle five actor June Ng,Kenny Kwan,Caesar Lee,Edwin Gerard and Edward Zhang respectively to select the type of girls they like and then use a sentence touched each other, see if you can please come out the other side.

Kenny Kwan,Edwin Gerard,Edward Zhang selected temperament type beauty 杨洋,three men for Yang Yang expand PK,Edward said : "I am not too sweet, but you have a Santa Claus."Edwin Gerard said : "I can order you to want to strip change me everything, you give me a chance." But the two can not be touched by 杨洋 and finally Kenny Kwan in negotiations,he said cool temperament type girls surface,it must direct that he shouted into the baffle :your clothes."Contrary to all expectations and Kenny Kwan actually successfully pull 杨洋.

杨洋 said that the reason why she heard these words and story, in the play, she revealed that many intimate drama with Kenny Kwan, but she said that in real life, Kenny Kwan is her favorite type.Subsequently, Kenny Kwan and 杨洋 is still the conference site demonstration borrow kiss each other, attracted fans to a screaming.

Out of the closet to talk about Denise: This is an open society,Kenny would support her

Kenny Kwan from Hong Kong, Hins Cheung's concert and Denise had to perform in the conference the same day Denise out of the closet, asked whether he had contacted each other to express concern, he frankly has not made ​​a phone call to Denise specifically asked this things, but he said: "This is an open society,open era, so I do not have too many words, but I will support her."

Credits : bbs.21cn

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