Friday, 23 November 2012

Kenny Kwan promoting his new net drama,support Denise Ho for the lesbian parade

November 20, 2012 in Beijing, "Banana Boy" co-produced by 天娱传媒 & 旗帜传媒 used a lot of money to produce this inspirational net drama.The drama is divided into 10 episodes, 15-20 minutes each episode about five appearance high rich handsome in their inner the plain penis wire juvenile,ignorant prime years of love and sex curious to find answers through their own efforts, the completion of the "Banana Boy" story.The drama also invited Taiwan hot movie "You're the Apple of My Eyes" behind the scenes team hand surgeon by 陈正道 producer, strong creative team is highly anticipated.

On the 20th,"Banana Boy" held a press conference in Beijing, 陈正道 producer柳广辉 director ,starring June Ng,Caesar Lee,Edward Zhang.Edwin Gerard,Kenny Kwan,Yang Yang and Qiu Qiu dressed up nicely for the theme of Banana Boy and announced that it will broadcast on December of the lunar year.

On the conference day,all the "Banana Boy" played striptease,eat bananas, the singer 李霄云 also sang the themesong.Kenny Kwan express his views before Denise out of the lesbian parade,Kenny bluntly say that he will support Denise Ho in his heart.

June Ng revealed that he staged a lot of intimate scenes in "Banana Boy" and Qiu Qiu gave his own life for the first time breaking the previous scale.Edward Gerard quite convinced, frankly, there are many emotional drama in drama and Jojo, who is winning not necessarily. Jojo said with a smile, their feelings vesting only wait for the final will be announced.

Credits : Sina

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