Thursday, 22 November 2012

"追鱼传奇" The original concept map first exposure time coordinate exclusive featuring special effects production

Zhang Zhen teach 红绫 to write words,beauty mermaid finding love and eventually became immortal
"追鱼传奇" which had finish filming last four months,hard shooting finally crank, enter the post-production.Classic script, strong production team, seductive attractive men and women are expected to winter break file with the audience believe "追鱼传奇" will set off a wave of ratings legendary.

Of course, the legendary not accidental, play in this myth,the late film and television special effects by the time coordinate digital imaging technology Co.Ltd. surgeon, full of wonderful impact visual effects and a strong cast of youthful, creative character modeling, believe that we cangive the audience a feast for the eyes.

The drama by Hong Kong producer 吴锦源,黄锦田,director 陈国华,starring Mainland new fadan,Zhao Li Ying,Hong Kong siu sang Kenny Kwan,Ding Zi Jun,Dai Jiao Qian and Zhen Rong fully luxurious.

Filming Scene
"追鱼传奇" adapted from Shaoxing opera template movie "追鱼",Department of Xu Yulan,Jane Wang prime shooting representative works,valuable art of Chinese opera movie information.The story recounts clever and cute.Turned into human to form fine ashore dragon king election longevity carp by 红绫,the coincidental encounter young scholar Zhang Zhen,in order to help  and protect Zhang Zhen,红绫 incarnation Zhang Zhen's future wife,prime minister's daughter,牡丹 and Zhang Zhen's love,in results,there's more trouble and caught Zhang Zhen's love.When 红绫 and Zhang Zhen finally identify the love of them,waiting for .牡丹's  father to set a vicious trap......

It is worth mentioning that this drama Zhao Li Ying first appeared in God drama. Has the affinity Zhao Liying looks sweet, has always been by fans as elfin lovely girl, the breakthrough in the image, and also let the audience highly anticipated.

It is reported that "追鱼传奇"  production time coordinate production department is in full swing, the other side time education training base trainees are in full swing added to "追鱼传奇" project simulated battle. Requirements in the production process, production standards, review films completely synchronized with the domestic first-line special effects production team. Here, if the requirements of the censors, appropriate, students will also receive project combat award, while encouraging students to create excellent commercial combat works.

Credits : timeedu

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