Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cool Guide Episode 6

Episode 6 - To Cool Nostalgic Toy            

"Made In Hong Kong" toys used to export global,supported by many families,also have a lot of different countries,colors,the geographical children bring lots of joy.Now "Made In Hong Kong" target group of the influx people to collect old toys.regain their love to old toys,from this you can see Hong Kong cultural and religion.

How to tell if a toy is authenticity ?From what type can be group as cargo ?The nostalgic toys scholar 楊廣顥,superalloy fans Kenny Kwan share the collection experience,talk about cartoons and toys classic for the ages.Astronaut on the moon,seventies children knows how to cook by themselves,life and culture brings the toy design inspiration,楊廣顥 brings pivotal collection of toys,wlaborate toy history and culture behind.

In addition to the self-financing director Oxide Pang opened mini toy museum in Mong Kok,Kenny Kwan has many collections in his masterpieces.classic,limited edition superalloy,presided visit Kenny's house,huge discovery in his collections !

Credits : TVB

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