Sunday, 23 December 2012

Boyz sing "死性不改" in Beijing

Combination group Boyz,have a show at Beijing for "2012 Men's Uno Christmas Concert",contribute to the music fan,will sing for charity project,same to Ariel Lin,Han Geng,Anson Hu and others,Boyz feel quite honored to be fortunate enough to participate in activities.Boyz member,Steven Cheung indicated,this time can be in the same show with Han Geng : Kenny and Han Geng was in the same drama last time,so they're very friend,good honored invitation,I might prior edge performances !"Boyz sung "死性不改" again,in results,the performances was very great and warm,the audience more immediate to chorus and constantly cheering,Steven and Kenny were very pleasantly surprised,this brang more encouragement to them,Steven refers : I still decided to separate the development to earn money,however,in the singings,we will always sing together !Too many people call us Boyz,but not our own name !"He revealed that the combination of the next year there will be a new song launched,also hope to have the opportunity for cooperation on the song with Hins and Hanjinasked rumored Hins Letters regarding the contract,he directed his unclear, but joked that if everyone with the company, co-operation much easier.

Credits : hkdailynews
Personal Notes : OMG,someone is launching a new album next year,and it's making fans exciting now,hope to see them promoting in M'sia XD

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