Saturday, 15 December 2012

Shiga Lin's lip are now on the rest

Shiga Lin,Pakho Chau,Bonnie Shum and Steven Cheung attended the premier of their micro film two days ago,Shiga has alot of kiss scene in her films this year,the last film of this year finally do not need to have kiss scene,she said with a smile : "you can give her so many kiss,so scaring !"This time,Shiga's opponent,Pakho are the ones she rarely with in films,therefore, do not resist with the other co-star couple.Pakho recently increase six pack abs with the Internet information smiled and said : "It row every evening retreat piano,guitar with doing gym !Post results was sastified.Besides,Shiga at "香港2012年度Google十大本地當紅女星搜尋排行榜" power to shake Jessica.C.

Credits : On.CC

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