Monday, 31 December 2012

Kenny Kwan's Bitrthday,Hins Cheung Taking a Teaser

Kenny uploaded a picture of his half half and his birthday cake on Instagram yesterday,hundreds of fans send him blessing message,been years Hins Cheung as Kenny's rumors also send blessing message in the same time on his on Instagram "You are going to be GREAT. KEEP GOING",also attach a cake emoji,like Kenny's teaser.Hins's fans also wish send blessing message,others laugh that actually you both were together,points are wish you both "really have love","sweet til toothache" and more

Self saying out,Say heart,Didn't say gold

Kenny yesterday respondents explained : "The cake was sent from the filming crew,even today (Yesterday) I still have to work,but I have already have a tea with my family,but didn't meet Hins,I receives alot of birthday presents,also invited me to eat Japanese food."Hins fans laugh that they're very sweet ?Kenny explained "Recite too much,"really have love" is referring to "Really have friendship love".Hins also said you guys "recite too much"however he was asked why he did not sent gifts to Kenny,Hins said fastly : "We say hert,didn't say gold."Hins said he wished Kenny have a better development and stay healthy.Kenny and fans accepted it,he admitted : "Yes ah,fans also called us to have a new combination group but so hard,called every one was great appoint,I'm idol appoint."

Credits : On.CC

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