Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kenny Kwan "Banana Boy" became handsome banana boy,admit that during his studies in university,he skipped class to earn money

On the afternoon of 11 December 2012, a Hong Kong artist,kenny Kwan was a guest of the Golden Eagle Network interview.These two years,he participated in many Mainland series and films,this time,he participated in EE media's drama called "Banana Boy" and played the role of banana boy,he said with a smile : "At first I thought is a new online language,previously know that 屌丝,萝莉,what uncle,later only knowed his new name,means that he looks so handsome with his look in the outside,but in the inside is very 屌丝,just like the growing process,often disgusted as an adult,with a mature look."As in real life,is he handsome or banana boy,he laughed : "Of course it's handsome".In "Banana Boy",Kenny Kwan and June Ng,Casear Lee had waited in a campus green years,he admitted that he had some crazy expreinces during his studies time,"it's good when 学分 is enough",this is a bad example,please don't learn this.Sometimes,after dinner,I did not want to attend classes,I want to play snooker,KTV,show bar,play mahjong,learn to drink beer,although I don't encourage it,but I thinked of the experienced of that period is easier to get along with others,I also thinked that the exprienced was fine."

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