Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pakho Chau and Shiga Lin eat hotpot in the early morning

Both singer Pakho Chau and Shiga Lin recently started the film "最佳響友",they dense food together, Shiga bluntly : "Never tried to eat hotpot in the early morning 11o'clock,still need to drink tea"Pakho Chau praised and said : "This time we can eat,can play,it's like combining entertainment and work"Although they seldom take their role as a couple, but nor sense of boring,Pakho Chau said with a smile: "I Die the reality never done couple, Will not stuffy, Shiga debut three years, Mi cooperation of more than three hundred times. "I never take a couple role with her before,so it wouldn't be boring,Shiga has 3 debuts in this three years and I had cooperate with her 300 times"

Besides,the first film shooting with Bonnie Shum did not know the film and Steven Cheung explained that the film is a condensed version of the normal movie.

Credits : On.CC

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