Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Kenny as a guest in the interview of his growth

Golden Eagle Network,following the the Mitzvah ceremony after the Hunan Satellite TV,18-year-old show,EE Media continue to create a series of micro-drama "Banana Boy" brand micro-film to record the moment of youth's story. "Banana Boy" brand micro-drama series total of 10 episodes, the main love, filled with curiosity about sex comedy concept of easy humor. 15:00 on December 11, 2011,one of the micro-drama "Banana Boy" main actor,Kenny Kwan will be a guest at the Golden Eagle Network, smooth talk shoot behind-the-scenes footage, as well as the idol of youth growth story.

"Banana Boy" tells the story of five boys and two girls in the university experienced growth and gradually "adult ". Qiu Qiu,who plays the female lead 刘玥,she has both pure and sexy appearance, personality apathy, playfully, feelings do not trust nor loyal. Very similar role,Kenny Kwan,played by Zhang Nan,he was having handsome and cool appearance that made ​​him very popular in girls from his "Only I don't want,not I can't tackle" motto, but also you can see his feelings as a matter of notions of love. Two of them have in common is each other is simply a replica. With both experience worthy of serious emotional and people like when faced with a similar tangle of heart, suffered the same fate of the two men who can change, whether to get true love, the audience endless curiosity.

Credits : hunantv

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