Monday, 31 December 2012

Thanks to Everyone

Even I wasn't here a year,but I'm here since this year,so I wanna to thank everyone who have been supporting this fans club,I never have own my pictures I took from any events of Boyz nor Kenny or Steven,but I really thank every single person who shared out all those lovely photos no matter HD or not.I was also very thankful that Kenny follow back me on Weibo after a few days I've been on Weibo,that's really a touching moment,also thanks to some who communicate with me with English,not forget some Weibo users who will repost or comment on my Weibo,it's really nice to communicate with every single person in any single moment you all gave.Also thanks to Kenny who repost something from my Weibo twice,that's really making my day.Not only thanking Kenny and fans,I did thanks Steven too,he actually commented on one of my photo during a day after Valentine's.Although he did not follow back me on Weibo,but I believe this can actually teach me to be more hardwroking.In this moment before 2013 comes,I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HAD BEEN HERE WITH ME IN THIS CURRENT YEAR,THANK YOU SO MUCH,I APPRECIATE IT !

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