Wednesday, 1 February 2012

After six years,Boy'z ''Ready to Go'' album for a new start

Has been a long time did not set foot on stage again with Boy'z.They are invited to Japan earlier 2011 to attend a Fashion Show, in preparation for a dance performance and the creation of "Ready to Go", the trip was scrapped because of the earthquake in Japan, "Ready to go" but unintentional Liu became the title track Boy'z starting again. After an absence of six years, Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung has finally released a new song plus selection, in addition to the collection of two well-made "Ready to go", there are also sensitive to the challenges of the new theme song "Sexy Body", two transformation become very attractive mature sportsman, youthful image of the sun bid farewell to the past. In addition, new album will also include twenty-seven selection of songs, so fans of the classic review BOYZ past, savor their eight years of change.

Separated six years, Kenny and Steven combination again to add new music selection, Steven feelings are deep, "In fact, the real music collaboration with Kenny only two years more, but we re-encounter again this year, it was found with his best clip! "Steven has once more passive road, work is always dependent on partner Kenny, but it has now become active, for example, the choreography and new music album concepts as the leading role. Kenny smiled and said he and Steven is exactly the opposite, formerly known as the "master of tension," he now slowly adjust, more than ever on the stage will enjoy the feeling. After a casual and together, two more in the process of growing experience and experience, and now Boy'z each run, cooperation is more handy.

Disc in the new song "Ready to Go" re-recorded two of starting experience, expect to get rid of the past, and "Sexy Body" is their first attempt R & B genre, with lyrics full of imagination on the screen, showing Boy'z mature taste. Among the most anticipated is included in the 27 classic songs and 14 classic MV, on the hot and fans are familiar with past work, Steven laughed back at the past is full of astringent taste of their own, "Didao play prevails cold shock, "he joked before going to see for fans prepared! Therefore, "Ready to Go" album Boy'z significance not only for re-starting the growth on the road is a two full record.

"Ready to Go" contains the latest selection of new songs plus the same name dance "Ready to Go" and the latest works of Ye Yan "Sexy Body", and twenty-seven selection of hot songs like "死性不改", "La La世界," "男生圍" and "手足"etc., and then comes" Ready to Go" MV and 14 classic MV. Boy'z big fan of both, or have recently been two mature male charm captured the hearts of fans, is the second album not to be missed !

Credits : EEG

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