Thursday, 2 February 2012

Love For Real spread Christian Message

Pictures for Love For Real

Emperor Entertainment Inc. 2010 gospel album "Love For Real", the printing of response has been enthusiastic, record companies view of this, many Christians in 2011 recruited singer recorded again, that day became King Records love series alternative varieties. Christ ingredients album quite high, the whole dish by the composer, lyricist, arranger and singing are all Christians, including Yumiko Cheng, Sherman Chung, Boy'z, Wong Cho Lam and Zac, and so on.

10 full-disc album of this gospel song, with original music, a quartet, the gospel has been very popular gospel song session with professional equipment to re-create, and then on the professional singers, to ensure the audience hear the most perfect sound quality. This part of the original singers were recruited producer Peter Kam for the album producer. Wong Cho Lam re-dish the Gospel lyrics. The concert got more respect with a <不要驚動愛情> and talkative street of Zac and ancestral blue chorus. Will spread the gospel and become the trend.

To know the production of an album is not an easy task, based on the "Love For Real" involves considerable singer, producer, and so on. In dealing with all kinds of time schedule aspects of a problem. But I do not know why, but during the course of unexpected success. Singers feel that this is God's arrangement.

Credits : EEG

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