Thursday, 2 February 2012

Combination Tablets Campaign to Fight Edison Friendship Cards to Help Out.

 Edison Chen,Kenny Kwan,Yan Ng,16 attended the evening of funny combination I LOVE U BOYZ   at the tablets television 2-- rape dad DVD "Twenty-sixth International Ai tablets Film Festival "activities.

For this event, I LOVE U BOYZ make friendship can be described as playing cards, a lot of circle of friends were present. EDISON said, joining the first visit to do is I LOVE U BOYZ, and refers them to make good on their own, taught him many things, so long as they are called out loud, he will support.  

Why not go hand in hand with his girlfriend asked him to attend?Edison Chen depends on the circumstances, the last company's activities more important, will call his girlfriend to attend. Referring to his friend and company employees were arrested for possession of dangerous drugs, Edison Chen expressed the hope that the other side without incident, the other will not give up his mistakes.

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