Thursday, 2 February 2012

 Last night (April 14 2008) the movie "Long Live Love" premiere, the drama actress Yumiko Cheng,Ken Hung,Sherman Chung,Jason Chan,Pak Ho have to attend, and pass over with Sherman Chung sex scandal Sun Boyz member Steven Cheung also join.

Actor group photo shoot when Jason Chan said Yumiko Cheng to stand in front of the oldest, but she did not get angry, but smiled and said: "Not at all, he wants to engage in the atmosphere, we frequently joke, he likes people in the studio playing a trick, ( You do not have a laugh at him short.) No, my good and generous people. "Jason Chan and Yumiko Cheng is not worried about angry," she said this man is fine, he can laugh my short friends. "asked Sherman Chung know rumored boyfriend Steven Cheung holding her field? She answered: "the company is holding you arrange for him to field, (the older generation will not ask to shoot?) In short, I will ask the older generation." Ken Hung drama in a drama for Yumiko foot massage points, Ocular jokes because of Yumiko's feet good and soft, so it feels good, Yumiko Cheng is admitted with foot care habits, and Ken Hung said that only smell the taste of soap.

Credits : Sina

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