Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kenny Kwan does not move and then move by Hins Cheung said Mainland was considered Nagai

Beijing on December 27, according to Hong Kong media reports, the combination Boy'z yesterday (December 26) at the Hong Kong Shopping Festival in winter, they have programs in the Christmas celebration. Kenny Kwan dinner with my co-workers sing karaoke, because the relationship car, he was not drinking. Steven Cheung is celebrated with Christian artists to eat hot pot, he smiled and said: "We went to buy hot pot food festival booths, weight more than 20 people had bought a total of thousand dollars, but all are very affordable price, ate very happy. rumored girlfriend, Sherman Chung there to celebrate? her to spend with his family. "Kenny Kwan and Hins Cheung also said they are not move and move again, but was considered too long living in the Mainland.

Mentioned close friend Hins Cheung moved away from home now, Kenny Kwan smiled and said: "There are live Debu nearly from start to finish, good feng shui my house, but that is too far away from the city, many drivers are reluctant to take me." Asked he will then move to Hins Cheung? He said: "Now the rent is very expensive, I will be back to the mainland for half a year, really thought the car was sold directly to move residence in the Mainland."

Credits : Sina

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