Thursday, 2 February 2012

Boy'z and Other Friends Attended the Red Carpet Appearances

Former" and amphetamine two films was held today at the Cultural Center premiere,Gillian Chung has worked with "former" actor rumored to rank and file, no to the rank and file appear today, Gillian that familiar with him, so I do not know the reasons for the absence of the other. Gillian said, this is "porn incident" the first film actress to do so nervous, but the subject matter and she shot the film is not the same as before, many have lost their first game, including screen kiss and The first Yuanyang Yu, she and William of Yuanyang Yu drama, shot the same day only a few degrees temperature, the director deliberately let them dip hot water, soak them in hot water for a long time was very hard, bitter Gillian said, appears to be very sweet, in fact, a good halo, very hard. For the rumored boyfriend Juno to buy a ticket that the concert is enough to support Twins, Gillian said: okay! May not have, to sell clean, but will ask the other party look. She also refers to the Juno after the date of the interview, call to her record."Amphetamines" after being asked the censors cut sodomy scene, the director said Yunxiang would prefer not to release, but this show has been scheduled as scheduled on April 8 release, Yunxiang that the censors have agreed with black screen account of the story, but will retain the sound and subtitles, and this screen will be less than one minute, if not on Hong Kong, not fair, but none tried to Hong Kong before the black screen, can be the first time since the trial, he will continue to appeal. 

Credits : Sina

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